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Rama El Hakim- UROP and CI3 Summer Student, 2022-23
Alexia Cabrera Brutus- COOP Student, 2022-23
Walid Hassouni- TMM Honours Student, 2022-23
Dr. Marisa Kilgour- Postdoctoral Fellow, July-Dec 2022 (now working on a cool new project and a PDF at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
Ciara Pember- MSc Student, 2019-2022
Habiba Dergham- TMM Honours Student, 2021-22
Laura Abou-Chackra- TMM Honours Student, 2021-22
Maja Ilijevska- TMM Honours Student, 2021-22
Andrew Clement- TMM Honours Student, 2020-21
Nick LeBlond- PhD Student, 2014-20

Sabrin Sanjana- TMM Honours Student, 2019-20
Nia Ambursley- TMM summer student, 2019
Rishi Gupta- TMM rotation student, 2019
Caroline Mallity- TMM rotation student, 2019
Kaelan Gobeil Odai- TMM rotation, Honours student and CI3 Summer student, 2017-18
Tasneem Abbass- TMM rotation student, 2018
Rebecca Yaworski- MSc student, 2015-17
Mojgan Rezaaifar- UROP and NSERC USRA, 2016/17
Kaitlyn Margison- Coop and Work Study, 2016/17
Leah Burkovsky- Honours student, 2016/17
Shayne Snider- MSc Student, 2014-16
Kathryn Zhang- Honours student, 2015/16
Nicholas McCloskey- Honours student, 2015/16
Zachary Comeau- Honours student, 2015/16
Chelsea McGregor- Lab technician, 2014-15
Stacie Wood- Medical summer student, 2015
Jessica Li- Undergraduate volunteer, 2015
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